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As a successful, experienced man, you’re certainly a catch. But finding ideal women who are open to the kind of relationship terms you desire can be time consuming and unsatisfying. You’re tired of compromising and settling for less than exactly what you want.

You’re ready to meet high-quality, beautiful women without spending hours searching online profiles or compromising your privacy. You want more fulfilling moments and less of the status quo.

That’s why we created Par5, so you can finally have the exact relationships you desire.

Coming to Par5 was the best decision
I’ve ever made.

I had relationships while I worked my way up the corporate ladder, but my priorities were elsewhere. Par5 matched me with a lady who shares my values, but more, understands my needs.

CEO, Virginia

Six years after the divorce I joined Par5
and I feel like they gave me my
life back.

Neurosurgeon, Atlanta

Your time and privacy are valuable, and your needs are important.

Let Par5 match you.

I would like
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Welcome to Par5

A luxury matchmaking service offering high-quality, discreet, personalized matches to help you find the right women, so you can finally have the
relationships you truly desire.

It’s time to breakup with nights of endless banter on dating sites because your ideal women are waiting!

Par5 is all about high-quality, compatible matches that offer you relationships on your terms, defined by your expectations.

As a Client of Par5 you’ll benefit from:

Handpicked Personalized Matches with compatible, quality women so you can finally have the exact relationships you desire, guaranteed.

Exclusive Private Events curated to your preferences, so you can meet potential matches in-person in an intimate environment centered around your interests.

Private Consultation with expert Matchmaker, Dating and Relationship Coach and Par5 Founder, Taylor B. Jones, so you can discuss exactly what you’re looking for to guarantee compatible matches.

Full Service Consulting with custom tailored information for you and your matches prior to your first encounter, plus post-date feedback, guidance and follow-up consulting so you can simply relax and enjoy your time together.

Access to our Lifestyle Enhancement Services so you can put your best foot forward on dates and in your everyday life.

Expert a la carte services include:

Date Coaching
So you can make the right connections, shine during your encounters, and set your relationships up for success from the start.

Wardrobe Curation
So you have complete looks that enhance your body type, flow with your personality and you’re dressed for success on dates and everyday.

Health Coaching
So you can look and feel your best while exuding irresistible confidence.

Lifestyle Portrait Photography
So you can present the right package (without compromising your privacy) and quickly attract high-quality women without saying a word.

Let us do a full takeover of your online dating through ParAssist.

Enjoy all the benefits of being a Par5 Client plus:

Full Service Management of all your online dating accounts on your behalf, so you can relax while we expedite the search for your ideal relationships.

Vetting of potential matches from outside our exclusive database, so you can be confident your matches are always high-quality and looking for a relationship compatible with your desires.

Receive a Comprehensive Brief about all matches prior to speaking with them, so you’ll know all the important details and can simply enjoy your time together.

I would like
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All Par5 packages are customized to your needs and personal desires.
Fill out the application now and we’ll create the right package to find your
ideal relationships, guaranteed!

They found me matches that were perfect, and
all I had to do was show up for the date.

People often assume it’s easier when you’re in the public eye, and yes I was never short of interest, but it was hard to find someone that I could express my needs without judgment and who I could trust. I was hesitant to use a dating site for privacy reasons. Par5 took me by the hand and made me feel at ease with being open and expressive about my needs. They found me matches that were perfect, and all I had to do was show up for the date.

Actor, Atlanta/San Francisco/New York

What a match and only the second person
I’ve met! Par5 has far exceeded
my expectations.

Technology Entrepreneur, Los Angeles


Am I guaranteed a match?

Par5 guarantees compatible matches with all of our packages. The question isn’t whether or not we will find her, it’s how soon you would like to meet her! At Par5, we are relentless, tenacious, and driven when it comes to fulfilling your needs with the right matches. If our current database doesn’t include what you’re looking for, we will employ our expert strategies to acquire the right women and introduce you.

Privacy is a top priority for me. How do you handle that?

Our services were designed with the highest level of security and confidentiality built-in at every step to respect and protect our client’s privacy. Your information is stored offline and may only be accessed by your matchmaker. We personally vet all potential matches and require them to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to accepting their membership or making any introductions. Your personal contact information is only shared with potential matches after you have contested to an introduction.

I’m interested in being matched with more than one woman. Is that an option?

Yes. We want to know exactly what you want as well as your deal breakers to hone in on what makes you most happy. From there, we curate personalized services to find the right matches for your needs. We act as your liaison between you and your matches and very discreetly handle sensitive areas of understanding the relationship parameters before moving to the next level based on your predetermined criteria.

I’m looking for a very specific kind of relationship. Can you help me find what I want?

Par5 specializes in honoring your lifestyle and personal needs. Our clients have a range of unique requests that we respect and understand. We are committed to providing your ideal relationships regardless of what that may mean for you. We are here to cater to your personal preferences and communicate what is important to you upfront, so every match is consistent with the special kind of relationship you desire.

I’ve tried matchmaking before. How is Par5 different?

In one word, RESULTS. We know you can meet women and go on dates, but we also know that process can be tedious and leave you exposed and unsatisfied. Our clients are looking for specific relationships and simply won’t settle for anything less than they desire. Par5 understands and honors your unique lifestyle and needs and provides you with ideal, compatible matches while offering you the highest level of confidentiality. Finally, your results are guaranteed.

I would like
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